Monday, 9 April 2012

Split Rail Fencing To Beautify And Lighten Up Your Garden

Split fencing is rustic and simple is design. It is done to add beauty to the yard but causing an obstruction to ones view. This idea of split rail was popularized by American farmers in the 19th century.

 Fences which are made out of timber logs are called split rail fences. They are usually cut along the length into the shape of rails. They are mostly used for agricultural and decorating purposes. These fences are made of timber therefore they are found mostly in the areas where wood is available. As they resemble rails they are called split rail fencing. These split rail fences are easy to construct and they can be put in rocky hard soil with the use of very little tools. They can be put into the soil without any use of nails and any kind of hardware.ant. These split rail fencing are rot wood resistant. But now a day’s most split rail fencing are made of cedar. Whether they are made of cedar or some other material they are 10 to 12 feet long.

  Fence lights are very useful as well as they are used for decorating purposes. There are several popular fence lights available in the market as well as online. There can be both attractive lighting available, or low voltage lighting system or one may even go for solar lighting system. These fences are used for safety and even allow you to look around carefully at night. These fence lights add beauty to ones sidewalks, deck and garage. They also increase the value of ones property. The different types of lighting system are outdoor low voltage or solar lights. The solar light is made of pvr and aluminum. They have a variety of colors and different designs. They enhance the outdoor setting .they are powered with 2AAni cad and they can give 14 hours of light after continuous charging.

  Low voltage fence lights are custom lights which are made of special material such as vinyl, wood and copper. They may vary from 7 to 18 watt in their power. For areas which are larger in size higher power lights are needed. There are some special brands which offer low voltage lights of top quality. They are long lasting even. There are also copper light fixtures which are supposed to be very stylish. They are LED lights which are thick and green in color. They are less than one watt in power. The fence lights should be so put that they change the look the garden at night.